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18 August 2006 @ 04:04 pm
Sekhmet Refrence Me, American Lioness, Nude.

Sekhmet Refrence Sketch.

Pure Malice Hakan, My Nimrahj character representing anger. Theyre not exactly felines, but they look it so thats all that matters.

Joecifur Badge . Paid badge commish for Joecifur the Bobcat.

Big Cats Bookmark

Delano Refrence Delano, My nimrahj character representing depression.

Twisted Fire Starter , Action pose of my character.

Hakan Doodle


I appoligize if you guys have already seen these, I just didnt make a post in awhile and had to catch up.
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16 August 2006 @ 01:00 am
Hi, I just recently joined this community. I'm a furry artist and you can find me on DeviantArt and FurAffinity under the username SabreKitty. Just thought it'd be cool to join. I've posted one of my newer drawings under here, hope you like. :)
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10 August 2006 @ 03:03 pm
A white and purple liger.Collapse )

Btw, I recently got a Fur Affinity account, feel free to watch me: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gnistra/
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04 July 2006 @ 07:24 pm
I´m to tired to work on that darned icon. It get´s to big, no matter what I do. So if anybody else feels like making an animated icon, go ahead. Now, over to some art.

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20 May 2006 @ 08:55 pm

30 April 2006 @ 10:41 pm

LOL, you took my old crud art for the community userpic XD
22 April 2006 @ 10:53 pm
Okay, I think I´ve figured ImageReady out. Still need more artists for the icon, though. It would be a bit weird if all art was by Melo. ;) Anybody? :) I haven´t drawn any cats in a loooong time, so don´t look at me!
21 April 2006 @ 07:17 pm
Me again. This community needs an icon, right? And since this is an art community, I don´t wanna use a photo. Using my own art would be a bit stupid, since I rarely draw cats. What I´m trying to say is, can one of you other members give me permission to use your art for the icon? It shouldn´t be of a certain character (would make the community look like a fanclub or something), just some random cat. :) Thanks in advance.
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20 April 2006 @ 10:47 pm

Finally! A community just for us cat and art lovers! My artist's name is Dekeve. I'm working on a story about species of anthro felines called Kitaros. I'm only an beginner in my art, so I hope to get some cirque and feedback. I don't have much art posted, but this is what I do have:

I'll have another cat pic to post soon, for a trade I'm doing. Art block sucks!
By the way the sentence at the top read "Art of cats" in Japanese. The symbol at the end is Kanji (Chinese letter) for cat.  Enjoy!

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19 April 2006 @ 11:21 am
I'd be the artist known as Melo, and I draw mostly felines. I like drawing feline mythical creatures, and creating my own aswell. I have my own species of feline called The Nimrahj.

Heres a sample of my work:

[My deviantART gallery]

[My Personal Webpage]

[My VCL gallery]

[Current Art For Sale]

I'll be posting my new kitty arts here once I create more XD
Going through a major crappy artsblock at the moment.

Hope yall enjoy my arts =3